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This message brings you from feeling discouraged, less than, unworthy, unloved, and hopeless to knowing you are radiant, you are loved, and you are needed.
Your light is meant to shine.


You Are Radiant eBook

This message is for you to see the greatness in you.
Receive inspiration and know that your life matters. You are needed.
Feel confident knowing you are loved, radiant, and beautiful.

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I'm Lori

It's a pleasure to meet you!

I am an author, speaker, consultant, and travel writer living in Western New York.

I am author of The LORI Factor: Live the Life You Were Born to Live (Foreword by Les Brown).

My other written works and courses were created to speak life, love, hope, encouragement, and inspiration into others.

My mission is to change and save lives.

Now I teach and guide others how to get unstuck and transform. I share experiences and resources regarding the essential areas of life including business, health, wellness, fun, and turning dreams into reality.

"Lori personifies power, hope, and resilience. For anyone who needs words of hope, encouragement, motivation, and inspiration (who doesn’t?) this book is a must read. It will change lives."

Ene Obi


You Are Radiant eBook

  • You get this eBook that will inspire, encourage, and transform the way you see yourself.

Get You Are Radiant eBook Now!

$ 7.00